ARKADIA JAZZ ALL-STARS: The New Young Lions of Jazz

Catalog# 70053

UPC# 602267005325


Kurt Elling: Vocals; Joanne Brackeen: Piano; David Liebman: Soprano sax; John Patitucci: Bass;

Eric Reed: Piano; Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez: Drums; James Carter: Tenor sax; T.K. Blue: Alto sax;

Benny Golson: Tenor sax; Stefon Harris: Vibraphone; James Weidman: Piano; Lonni Plaxico: Bass;

Don Braden: Tenor sax; Ravi Coltrane: Soprano sax; Steve Turre: Trombone; Javon Jackson: Tenor sax;

Geoff Keezer: Piano; Dwayne Burno: Bass; Carl Allen: Drums; Rodney Whitaker: Bass; Terrell Stafford: Trumpet;

Randy Brecker: Trumpet; Bob Stewart: Tuba; John Clark: French horn; Chris Potter: Tenor sax;

David Hazeltine: Piano; Nicholas Payton: Trumpet; Joris Teepe: Bass; Paul Tobey: Piano

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These are the stars of the future, and how bright they shine.” – New York Times

The artists featured on this album, Arkadia Jazz All-Stars: The New Young Lions of Jazz”, are Jazz music’s future legends. They are the “new sounds” in the rich legacy of Jazz. Having played under the last generation’s luminaries… Coltrane, Parker, Davis, Dizzy, etc, these players provide an imaginative breathe of fresh air in Jazz world, and in doing so helped evolved America’s original art form… Jazz.

4 stars… The “New Thing” really swings on this collection… jazz performed with grace and melody… Swift and stunning performances.” – OUTSIGHT

Arkadia Records and the Arkadia Jazz All-Stars, by virtue of being relatively new, can relate to the Young Lions. We’ve been recording them since our beginnings. We decided that an album that features this new generation of jazz musicians is long overdue, and we want to spotlight them either as sidemen or leaders. …as often the best work is done through cooperative effort.

Recorded specifically for Arkadia Records, “The New Young Lions of Jazz” lets listener’s bear witness to the changing sound of Jazz. You can hear each brick being laid, each branch snapping, and each step taken in a new direction as this group of distinguished musicians evolve their sound with each note played. Don’t miss out on hearing these future legends just because they are young. They’re already musical Masters, the history books just have to catch up.

Song Selection:

1. My Favorite Things Rodgers and Hammerstein James Carter: Tenor sax; Benny Golson: Tenor sax; Geoff Keezer: Piano; Dwayne Burno: Bass; Joe Farnsworth: Drums 4:59
2. Dance of the Nile T.K. Blue Stefon Harris: Vibes; T.K. Blue: Alto sax; James Weidman: Piano; Lonie Plaxico: Bass; Jeff “Tain” Watts: Drums 5:42
3. Ask Me Now Thelonious Monk Eric Reed: Piano; Rodney Whitaker: Bass; Carl Allen: Drums 6:27
4. What’s Your Choice; Rolls Royce? Joanne Brackeen Joanne Brackeen: Piano; Kurt Elling: Vocals; Dave Liebman: Soprano sax; John Patitucci: Bass; Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez: Drums
5. The Kicker Joe Henderson Terrell Stafford: Trumpet; Randy Brecker: Trumpet; Eric Reed: Piano; Rodney Whitaker: Bass; Carl Allen: Drums 7:12
6. King Porter Stomp Jelly Roll Morton Steve Turre: Trombone; Bob Stewart: Tuba; John Clark: French horn; Stanton Davis: Trumpet; James Zollar: Trumpet; Buddy Williams: Drums 3:08
7. Isotope Joe Henderson Javon Jackson: Tenor sax; Eric Reed: Piano; Rodney Whitaker: Bass; Carl Allen: Drums 3:53
8. Brother Braden Joris Teepe Don Braden: Tenor sax; Chris Potter: Soprano sax; Joris Teepe: Bass; David Hazeltine: Piano; Bruce Cox: Drums 5:56
9. Pink Elephant Magic Joanne Brackeen Nicholas Payton: Trumpet; Joanne Brackeen: Piano; Chris Potter: Soprano sax; John Patitucci: Bass; Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez: Drums 6:41
10. Street Culture Paul Tobey Paul Tobey: Piano; Mike Murley: Tenor sax; Jim Vivian: Bass; Terry Clarke: Drums 6:51
11. Over The Rainbow Arlen/Harburg Ravi Coltrane: Tenor sax; Joanne Brackeen: Piano; Ira Coleman: Bass; Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez: Drums 8:20

Produced by: Bob Karcy
Total Time: 66 minutes

About The Arkadia Jazz All-Stars:

The Arkadia Jazz All-Stars is a group established in 1996 as the brainchild of Bob Karcy, Producer, musician, Founder and CEO of Arkadia Records. Karcy’s original goal was to harness the creative brilliance of the Artists who recorded on its Arkadia Records labels, along with select guest musicians representing some of Jazz’s biggest stars, to create an unparalleled series of newly recorded, thematically unified studio albums. So far, ten albums have been recorded and three more are in production.

These Arkadia Jazz All-Stars releases have been honored with three Grammy Award Nominations.

The “Thank You” Series – Tributes to the most revered artists in the history of Jazz:

The first “Thank You” Series was created to honor the memory and the lasting legacy of many of the greatest and most esteemed artists in the history of Jazz.

The initial album in the “Thank You” series is entitled “Arkadia Jazz All-Stars: Thank You, John! – Our Tribute to John Coltrane” (Grammy Nominated for “My Favorite Things” by David Liebman).

This was followed by “Arkadia Jazz All-Stars: Thank you. Duke! – Our tribute to Duke Ellington”.

The Lead All-Star Members of these two albums are: Benny Golson, Billy Taylor, T.K. Blue, Joanne Brackeen, Nova Bossa Nova, and Joris Teepe.

The Supporting Members performing with them are: Mulgrew Miller, Buster Williams, Carl Allen, Eric Reed, Rodney Whitaker, Mike LeDonne, Vic Juris, Steve Nelson, Terrell Stafford, Ira Coleman, and Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez.

Appearing as Special Guests are: Randy Weston, Don Braden, Chris Potter, Claudio Roditi, Bob Mintzer, David Hazeltine, Bruce Cox, and Harold Land.

Next on the agenda were new tribute albums to Joe Henderson (“Thank You, Joe! – Our Tribute to Joe Henderson”) and Gerry Mulligan (“Thank You, Gerry! – Our Tribute to Gerry Mulligan”). For “Thank You Joe!”, Karcy and Musical Directors Eric Reed and Carl Allen put together an ensemble including Randy Brecker, Terrell Stafford, Steve Nelson, Rodney Whitaker with special guest, Joanne Brackeen.

For “Thank You, Gerry!” (Grammy Nominated for “My Funny Valentine” by Randy Brecker), Karcy and Musical Director, Ted Rosenthal enlisted jazz legends Lee Konitz, Bob Brookmeyer, Randy Brecker, with Javon Jackson, Dean Johnson and Ron Vincent, all of whom performed with Gerry Mulligan’s band.

Thematic Albums:

The next series of albums were conceived as thematically-driven group collections of outstanding singles, representing the best-of-our-best.

The first two albums, “Arkadia Jazz All-Stars: The Stars of Jazz #1” (Grammy Nominated for “Body and Soul” by Branford Marsalis) and “Arkadia Jazz All-Stars: The Stars of Jazz #2” (Grammy Nominated for “My Favorite Things” by David Liebman), present the most highly recognized artists, including Joanne Brackeen, Michael Brecker, Randy Brecker, Benny Golson, Lee Konitz, Branford Marsalis, Billy Taylor, Randy Weston, Gary Bartz, and Nat Adderley.

The “Arkadia Jazz All-Stars: The New Young Lions of Jazz” showcases the next generation of rising stars on the Jazz horizon, including James Carter, Don Braden, Chris Potter, Javon Jackson, Ravi Coltrane, Eric Reed, Stefon Harris, Nicholas Payton, Steve Turre, and Kurt Elling.

The “Arkadia Jazz All-Stars: Out and Out Jazz” captures inventive performances on the cutting edge of modern and free jazz, both fully composed and improvised. This album showcases John Abercrombie, Paul Bley, Joanne Brackeen, John Clark, Andrew Hill, David Liebman, Pat Metheny, Nicholas Payton, Gary Peacock, Sam Rivers, and Reggie Workman.

Everyone has known love, and that emotion is beautifully expressed in “Arkadia Jazz All-Stars: It’s About Love”, a new album of heartfelt romantic ballads, performed by Benny Golson, Nigel Clark, Joanne Brackeen, T.K. Blue, Mary Pearson, Billy Taylor, Kenny Drew, Jr., Eric Reed. It includes the stunning Grammy Nominated “My Funny Valentine” by Randy Brecker.

Arkadia Records continues to create new releases from the Arkadia Jazz All-Stars. Albums currently in production are tributes to Thelonious Monk (“Thank You, Thelonious!”) and Miles Davis (“Thank You, Miles!”), as well a suite of lively standards and compelling original songs for the holiday season.

Bob Karcy’s ultimate aim is that the Arkadia Jazz All-Stars will emerge as an artistically successful recording group in its own right. In addition to creating new, exciting and stellar music, the All-Stars will showcase the Artists on Arkadia Records, creating greater awareness and recognition of their talent, and helping them reach a new generation of listeners far beyond their core fans.